Welcome to the New GotYourDJ.com website!

Back in September (2014) we experienced a minor “hiccup” with our web hosting server. And, what was supposed to be a weekend project turned into…well…a lot longer than we had hoped for. It also didn’t help that my available free time was limited, so working on the site became impossible at times. But, enough rambling…Our goal for the new site was to make it aesthetically pleasing, functional, and (hopefully) informative. We decided to go ahead and do a “Soft” launch of the site since there have been a few inquiries as to when it would be back up.

As we move forward, more content will be added and a few tweaks will be made here and there.  I would also like to give a big Thank You to everyone who has helped us along they way. You guys are awesome!

Here’s to a New Year, New Adventures, and Keeping the Party Going!